Brian Marsalli, a former SCV member and staffer, heavily endorses DCI APDs. "Since I am actively involved with the Santa Clara Vanguard, but was unable to go on tour this past summer, the DCI APDs were a great way for me to track the corps' performances throughout the season. I was able to hear how the members were progressing with the show and it was very exciting. "For someone who is a music educator, APDs can be used to show students differences in performances and how subtle changes can have a big impact on the performance. APDs show off how corps progress and strive for excellence throughout the summer!

"In addition, purchasing the DCI APDs are a great way to support your favorite corps. Even though I wasn't on the road helping out the Vanguard, money from my purchase of the Santa Clara Vanguard APDs is going back into the pockets of the corps - keeping them on the road for years to come," Marsalli said. The last day to order DCI Audio Performance Downloads (APDs) will be Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 5 p.m. Central time. Order APDs from select DCI events this past summer