We have received responses to our special edition DCI.now on-line newsletter that have been voicing frustration with our new audio performance download (APD) offering. The frustration is centered on those that cannot take advantage of the offering because they do not have compatible technology. First, let us freely admit we understand and share your frustration. Unfortunately with the limited resources we have available we are not able to offer APDs in formats compatible to all the technology available on the market. What we offer is our best effort with available resources. We discussed at great length not offering APDs until we could meet the compatibility demands and thought it better to at least present what we have today to the largest number of potential users. The good news for those feeling the frustration is that we are working hard to address the technological issues. As the technology changes we will react with our best efforts to keep pace. Please know that we appreciate your support and are working towards the goal of offering the very latest technology we can to keep pace with markets much broader than our niche. Thank you for your patience and continued support.