Drum Corps International is giving fans the opportunity to test their percussion skills this summer as part of the World's Most Accurate Drummer contest presented by Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzers. Anyone can take a hack at this free competition kicking off at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa. July 7 and 8, and continuing at the Atlanta, San Antonio and Indianapolis major events and at the World Championships at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Calif. this August.

The Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer for percussionists from OnBoard Research, is a training aid designed to help percussionists build solid rhythm fundamentals through the development of consistent timing. The electronic pad sits on a built-in metronome, as users simply start the playback feature and strike the touch-sensitive practice pad. An electronic screen measures each stroke and the time it occurred in relation to the beat of the metronome. Analyzers can detect accuracy up to the nearest 512th note.

"If you've ever watched someone play the videogame 'Dance, Dance, Revolution,' you'll have an idea of how the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer determines a score," explains Rusty Membreno, CEO of OnBoard Research Corporation. "However, the Beatnik does much more. There's really no better way for players to evaluate and improve their rhythmic and timing performance skills."

A booth located in the festival marketplace at each of the five scheduled Drum Corps International major events will feature the analyzer. Contestants can test their skills against the electronic pad as a leader board keeps track of the scores produced and the rankings of each player. The evening's most accurate drummer will be announced at the end of the event in front of thousands of drum corps fans.

There are five chances to play. Come see the world's most elite marching music ensembles perform on the field at these major events, while testing your own skills in the World's Most Accurate Drummer contest presented by Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzers. The competition is open to anyone. To enter, simply stop by the World's Most Accurate Drummer booth in the festival marketplace at select DCI major events.

For more information on the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer, visit Tuners.com.