Andy Dittrich
The drum corps world sits at the edge of its collective seat on Thanksgiving weekend. Countless amounts of auditionees show up to camps around the country, beginning their search for a home for the 2004 season. There are staff meetings, carpools, banquets, show announcements, cuts, cuts, cuts, and what we end up with at the end of the weekend is a very vague notion of what the summer might be like.

I was one of those people again. The auditions that I attended were a good time, but also very vague. I will not know anything about where I stand for another couple of weeks.

This activity is so difficult in the winter months, and especially early. For some, like me, it can be like a period of drum corps "homelessness," in which you know you have family somewhere, but you haven't quite established what is going to be happening. Not to mention the difficulty that members face in the tedious preparation process that goes with becoming the greatest pageantry ensembles in the world.

Although being a very exciting time for corps across the nation, this is also some of the most difficult times for drum corps members. Balancing school, practicing, rehearsals, and a job is quite the effort. Now is the time to show support, and urge those you know who are trying out for corps or getting into another winter of rehearsals.

Good luck to those of you attending camps this weekend, and to everyone who is still awaiting word.