This is first in a series of stories about the people behind the decision-making scenes at DCI. Next we'll be briefly profiling the at-large members of the board of directors.

From left to right: Howard Weinstein, Bill Hamilton, Tom French
The executive committee of Drum Corps International is made up of 11 individuals (who also belong to the DCI board of directors) that meet several times per year to tend to the more-detailed aspects of the day-to-day operations of Drum Corps International -- the finance, insurance, payments, and more operational aspects of DCI, among many other issues. For example, at the last executive committee meeting, held the weekend of May 16, the group gave the Pacific Crest corps of Diamond Bar, Calif., the green light to compete as a Division I corps this coming summer at DCI World Championships in Orlando, Fla. Three new members joined the executive committee this past winter -- Bill Hamilton, director of the Bluecoats, Howard Weinstein, director of the Boston Crusaders, and Tom French, and at-large member not affiliated with any one corps. Weinstein, Hamilton and French join Mike Kehoss (at-large member), Dan Acheson (DCI's executive director), Tom Yorton (at-large member), Jeff Fiedler (the Cavaliers), Rick Valenzuela (Santa Clara Vanguard), George Brown (Division II & III representative), Steve Auditore (at-large member) and Brian Hickman (Glassmen) on the committee. For new at-large member French, the first executive committee meeting was one of learning. French is the vice president of Hub Group Logistics West, a national transportation services company, in Walnut Creek, Calif. "My first Board of Directors meeting was very enlightening, and now I have a better understanding of the breadth of the organization. Coming from the business world is a challenge -- it's tough to keep in mind that those on the board are volunteers and are doing this for the love of the organization. I was impressed by how they keep checking themselves to make sure they were not biased with the discussion," French said. Weinstein is honored to serve on the executive committee. "It really means a lot to have the opportunity to serve Drum Corps International and all of the drum corps, by being a part of the executive board. I take my responsibilities very seriously, and it is a true honor to get to work with such a fine group of people, to give our youth the very, very best," Weinstein said. Hamilton, meanwhile, finds himself inspired by the executive committee proceedings. "I have sat in on executive committee meetings on and off for several years. I find the discussion and topics to be invigorating and the passion shown by the executive committee members to be contagious. I am honored to serve my term on the committee and hope that our leadership will help Drum Corps International continue to grow and prosper," Hamilton said.