In a new format and with a programming twist for 2007, fans will again have the opportunity to choose the corps they want to see in theaters at the springtime DCI Classic Countdown It's a well understood fact that drum corps enthusiasts are the most passionate fans on the face of the Earth—more insane than a shirtless Green Bay Packers fan during a sleeting December game, more loyal than Canadians to the puck and ice, and more obsessive than a Yankees fan in October. And that's exactly why Drum Corps International is looking to you to rise up and be heard. Why? Because as upstanding drum corps citizens, you're all going to be responsible for picking who will make the Finals as DCI returns to the big screen on April 26, 2007, with its popular Classic Countdown movie theater event. Like in 2005 and 2006, you will be charged with the task of determining the finest drum corps performances of all-time to be shown on April 26. But for this year's countdown, we're throwing previous voting restrictions out the window and giving you a no-holds-barred, double chance to climb the highest mountain and proclaim with gusto your favorite drum corps performances of all time. Here's the low down on how selection of the eight corps to be featured in the 2007 Classic Countdown will work: Preliminary round voting: Starting Wednesday, Jan. 31 at noon CT on, you choose any eight of your favorite performances of all-time. Selections can be made from more than 400 corps performances from 1974-2006, including those that have been featured in previous versions of the Classic Countdown. So if you live and die by the 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard, can't go a day without singing the praises of the 1970s Guardsmen, or if your drum corps tastes are just all over the historical timeline, it doesn't matter, because you choose the top eight that you think are the best. Preliminary round voting will close at 5 p.m. CT on Tuesday, Feb. 6, after which votes will be tallied to determine the top 30 vote getters from this round that will make up the lineup for the second and final round of voting. Final round voting: Here is your final selection chance to live out your ultimate competitive drum corps fantasy. Ever wish you could hop in a time-traveling DeLorean and bring back the 1989 Phantom Regiment to square up against the 2003 Blue Devils. Whose magnificent horn line would reign supreme? This round of voting will begin almost immediately after the preliminary round on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at noon CT, and will determine the final list of eight corps that will be in the countdown. Like the preliminary round, you will be asked to make eight selections on But this time, select your corps from the list of 30 finalists as determined from preliminary voting. Selections must be submitted by Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 5 p.m. CT. The twist: Now, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a double take. To keep the suspense building until April, the eight finalist corps that will be featured in the 2007 DCI Classic Countdown WILL NOT be announced until you're sitting in the theater on April 26. That's right; you'll have to be sprawled out in your theater seat, popcorn in hand before you'll know which eight of the 30 finalists made the cut for this year's countdown. No individual corps voted into the countdown can appear on the countdown more than once, so fans will be guaranteed to see eight different corps during the evening. "In this our third edition of the DCI Classic Countdown, we're already excited to see how this year's voting will turn out. With so few limitations, I suspect that this may be the truest lineup of the best corps performances ever assembled for the theater," said DCI's Ed Dempsey who manages the coordination of DCI cinema events. "This event should give you a great excuse to call up your old drum corps alumni and friends to get together during the off-season to talk 'drum corps shop' and to get ready for the upcoming season which will be only a little more than a month away." Next steps: Think you've got the chops to predict which eight corps will make the cut? Want to know if a theater in your area will be showing the Classic Countdown? Keep an eye out on in the coming weeks for special Classic Countdown promotions, contests and theater information. Don't forget to mark the 2007 DCI Classic Countdown on your calendars for April 26!