PBS station WTIU from Bloomington, Ind., recently broadcasted a documentary about the late Bill Cook, a most intriguing man and a huge fan of drum corps. When he decided to start a drum corps in his hometown, few could imagine the impact Star of Indiana would have on the drum corps activity during its run at the DCI World Championships from 1985 to 1993. Creator of countless pieces of life-saving medical devices, Cook always thought outside the box. He carried his passion for his successful business into his passion for drum corps. From reinventing how corps organizations could be run as businesses, to underwriting Drum Corps International's television broadcasts on PBS for multiple years, to helping out other groups in need; Cook was always available with financial contributions, assistance and advice. The documentary more than touches on Bill's love of drum corps (watch the section from 36:30 to 43:30), and is a viewing experience that will remind us why we love drum corps as well. Watch the complete documentary online at IndianaPublicMedia.org.

Former Star of Indiana Drum Major Becky Saddlemire on Bill Cook

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