On Tuesday, April 17, the dreams of countless pageantry fans came true as Blast! opened on Broadway at the Broadway Theater, home to many top past productions.

Several years in the making, and having received public and critical acclaim in London and a number of American cities, the production is now a big-time player in the biggest theater city on the planet, undoubtedly introducing many to the joys of the pageantry arts.

Audiences have been enthusiastic for the production, which is unlike anything that has ever played Broadway. Critical reviews have run the gamut, with some glowingly endorsing everything about the production, to some who are still confused about it, perhaps because it is so different.

But the ultimate reviews are those that come from the audiences, and the word of mouth that will sustain the production. So far, those are very positive, indeed.

A "Who's Who" of drum corps personalities was in attendance at the opening and the following opening night party. Everyone agrees that the exposure Blast! is receiving can only be good for drum corps, adding to the appeal of the activity and showing prospective members that pageantry is glamorous, indeed.

Evolving out of the DCI World Champion Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps and the subsequent Brass Theater touring productions, Blast! includes members from drum corps throughout North America. All of the recent DCI World Champion corps are represented by cast members. The cast not only gets to perform a unique show to an often screaming audience, but they get paid to do so as well.

Meanwhile, two more casts have been assembled and will be in training at DisneyWorld this summer before heading out on the road to carry the production to cities in Europe and North America. Other inquiries have come in for possible long-term residences in other entertainment capitals. DCI wishes the cast, crew, and staff of Blast! a long and healthy run on Broadway, and thanks for exposing the pageantry arts to thousands of potential new drum corps fans.For more information on Blast! visit their web site at www.blasttheshow.com