Part of the process of growing up is understanding how certain connections and mementos mold someone into the person they desire to be. Those souvenirs come with a collection of memories and life lessons. 

Those valued souvenirs provided the map for Blue Devils C this season, as the corps plans to tug at the heartstrings of drum corps audiences across the country. 

“With how we’ve been designing the show, we've been joking that we may need to sell tissues at the souvenir booth,” percussion caption head Mike Reppucci said.

The emotional connection one has to life’s greatest gifts is the theme behind Blue Devils C’s 2024 production, “The Gifts We ReCeive.”

This summer, Blue Devils C is thrilled to return to the stage and unveil their 2024 program, "The Gifts We ReCeive."...

Posted by Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps on Wednesday, May 8, 2024


“It reminds us of the importance of our most fundamental relationships and the gifts we receive from those who are always there to support us,” color guard caption head Lindsey Bazua said in a release revealing the show concept the second week of May.

This season’s production is somewhat of a shift from the corps’ typically playful nature. Blue Devils C’s shows in recent years have included such fun-loving titles as "BD-CFARI," "It's About Time!" and "Candyland: Part Blue!"

The move to a more mature show concept, for the corps whose age range spans from seven years old to 16, was to strike a balance between challenging material for the older members and helping the younger members feel engaged with the show. 

"There are layers in the show design to allow the older performers to get out of their comfort zone a bit more,” visual caption head Shawn Griddine said. “But it also works in such a way to allow the younger members to do what they're comfortable with when it comes to performing.”

This transition has been successful in large part due to the staff working with the corps. There are educators within Blue Devils C that have experience with Blue Devils, Blue Devils B and the Blue Devils Special Needs Guard. 

Each part of the overarching Blue Devils organization requires a different level of attention to detail, and the staff at Blue Devils C has been able to use everyone’s expertise to create a holistic member experience. 

As the summer season gets closer, the corps’ staff has noticed a cohesiveness and attentiveness from their performers across all ages. 

"The members have been together since December,” director Matt Sieve said. “We do a lot to build camaraderie and I think they’re really going to enjoy the season.” 

Using inspiration from children’s literature as the foundation, “The Gifts We ReCeive” will tell its story from the perspective of a young protagonist. Throughout the production, different gifts — such as apples and wood —  will be introduced to the corps. These offerings provide the corps a resource needed at a point in the show to help navigate through a moment in their life.

The show is musically anchored by “Forever Young” by Alphavi, which will reflect one’s desire to be young again through reminiscing about old memories. Other selections include “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears and “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins.

There are also several moments throughout the show that call back to specific moments in Blue Devils history. This year’s Blue Devils C ballad — “A House Is Not a Home” by Burt Bacharach — was featured in the Blue Devils’ 2011 production, “The Beat My Heart Skipped.” In addition to this, the color guard’s uniform for this season will include a nod to Blue Devils’ 1994 production,”My Spanish Heart.” 

2011 Blue Devils | "A House is Not a Home" x Burt Bacharach

Building a home with the '11 Devils 🏡 📀 #TBT | Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps

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The creative liberties the corps’ staff has decided to take in 2024 has already brought out a noticeably strong level of performance from its members, which Reppucci says has been a heartwarming sight.

"Seeing those kids grow and to see them start to really understand and grasp the concepts that we've been teaching them over time, is probably one of the most rewarding things,” Reppucci said. 

Blue Devils C hopes to find a reward for those risks as the corps begins its journey on the 2024 DCI Tour June 28 in Walnut, CA

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