The Blue Devils came out on top tonight in Allentown, scoring a 95.45 over the Cavaliers (94.70) and the Madison Scouts (88.70) in front of the biggest crowd in over a decade at J. Birney Crum stadium, and foreshadowing an exciting Championship Week in Orlando. The energized gathering, estimated at 10,600, witnessed a spectral-like rising of Crossmen legend/mascot Bones as part of the evening's proceedings. Much of the crowd stuck around after the announcement of scores to hear the Blue Devils' encore. Blue Devils tour director Pete Emmons said that the corps would work on "performance" in the coming week prior to World Championships. "It was a good strong solid performance. There was a lot of energy, and it was very nice and enjoyable. In anticipation of Orlando, Emmons said the corps could look forward to "A lot of work and a lot of hot weather."