The Blue Devils learned today that they were named the corps class champions of the World Music Contest, a four-weekend series of European contests the corps competed in during the first weekend of their European tour. More than 300 music groups from 30 countries participated in the contest, held in the Netherlands. Approximately 20,000 fans were on hand for the awards ceremony. "What a great achievement by our staff and performers to win the WMC Championships and to have the high score of all the marching groups. Over 300 groups total form 30 countries competing over four weekends. WOW!" said Blue Devils director Dave Gibbs. "It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on winning the WMC Championship title in the Show contests 2005, Corps Style Class! I hope this will boost your morale in such a way that you will now head straight for the DCI Championship in Boston and make us all proud," said Harry Reumkens, artistic leader of the World Music Contest, in a note to Blue Devils director Dave Gibbs.
Gibbs said that more drum corps should head overseas in future years, based on the positive experienced the Blue Devils shared across the pond. "Our activity needs to celebrate all that share in the passion for marching and music. Our world is much more than here in the United States. And it is much more than who wins and losses. Even though we won the WMC, it was about the grand experience sharing our talents with all the other incredible groups, and seeing what the world has to offer. We all get a little caught up in the moment and forget about the faces behind the horns. We all have amazing kids. AND there are amazing groups ALL over the world," Gibbs said. "Let's enjoy the next two weeks and not let our enthusiasm detour what our amazing young people are doing," Gibbs said.