From all accounts, the Blue Devils' romp through Europe is proving to be a momentous trek. In an IM exchange yesterday, Blue Devils director Dave Gibbs said the corps' performance and audience reception in Kortrijk, Belgium, was comparable to that of the Beatles. The Blue Devils are wowing European fans, some of whom think the visit will spark further interest in the drum corps experience overseas. "This is really helping the activity in Europe!" said drum corps fan Harrold de Raad in an e-mail to Gibbs. Marco Janssen of Drum Corps Europe attended the Kortrijk contest. "I'm surprised that the roof of the stadium in Kortrijk is still there, this was one awesome Blue Devils show. You showed Europe what drum corps is," Janssen said in a note to Gibbs. To read member and staff blogs from the trip, go HERE. Go HERE to check out photos from their visit to Gent, Belgium.