A select ensemble of The Blue Devils will be traveling to Japan in October to participate in the 15th annual "Marching in Okayama" festival. A contingent consisting of 21 brass players, 12 percussionists and six dancers will depart San Francisco International on October 6 and return on October 15. This will be the sixth international tour for The Blue Devils "A" Corps, three of which trips have been to Japan.After a 13- to 17-hour flight and arrival at Osaka's Kansai airport, the group go to the city of Okayama, where they will be based and will be met by a welcoming party. Then the jet lag will hit. Back in their hotel rooms, travel most likely will catch up with the performing members and they should fall fast asleep - just to immediately wake up around 2 a.m. and not be able to go back to sleep. On Tuesday, Oct. 8, Wednesday, Oct. 9 and Thursday, Oct. 10, the corps will rehearse for the performances, and will sightsee around the Okayama area. On Friday, Oct. 11, the Blue Devils will take a trip to the mayor's office for a performance on radio and television. Friday evening there will be a large party for all of the groups that will perform at the festival on Monday. On Saturday, Oct. 12, there will be performances throughout the day, with yet another party on Saturday evening. Sunday, Oct. 13 is parade day. The evening performance will be on-stage at the Performing Arts Center of Okayama. Monday, Oct. 14 is the big contest with a party in the evening to thank everyone and say good bye. The corps will then leave on Tuesday, Oct. 15 and return the same day (due to time changes).The trip is co-sponsored by the City of Okayama, DEG/Japan, and Dynasty/USA.