From a Drum Corps Europe press release: Last Saturday, the Guldensporen Stadium in Kortrijk, Belgium, was the place for a big international drum corps party. The climax of the day was the performance of the Blue Devils, who won the open class division with a score of 93.350. What a great ambiance, what a great corps, what a great audience! The day had everything that made it a wonderful day for the European drum corps actitivity. Drum corps fans were everywehere: In the stadium, at the drum corps marketplace in front of the stadium, in the parking lot, and in the park for warm-ups. Beatrix from Hilversum took second in open class competiton (66.850), followed by Jubal in third place (66.850), and the highest-placed British corps, Kidsgrove Scouts, in fourth place (60.975). The 2004 DCE champion Distant Thunder from Bedford won the A-Class out of six corps. The Belgian group DrumSpirit from Dadizele and Showband Jong-Holland Junioren became the respective winners in the Percussion Class and Cadet Class. Open Class 1. 93.350 Blue Devils (USA)
2. 66.850 Beatrix (NL)
3. 65.675 Jubal (NL)
4. 60.975 Kidsgrove Scouts (UK)
5. 59.375 Juliana (NL)
6. 58.825 Northern Star (UK)
7. 54.550 Wölper Löwen (GER)
8. 50.925 Southern Aurora (UK)
9. 47.550 Federatieband (NL)
10. 47.500 Black Knights (UK)
11. 45.775 Starriders (GER) A-Class 1. 47.750 Distant Thunder (UK)
2. 43.300 Calypso (BEL)
3. 38.575 Willem Eggert (NL)
4. 37.300 JFB (NL)
5. 31.750 Excelsior (NL)
6. 28.525 Blue Phoenix (NL) Percussion Class 1. 52.400 DrumSpirit (BEL)
2. 46.750 Blue Lions (FRA)
3. 39.425 Harpe Davids (NL) Cadet Class 1. 44.525 Jong-Holland Junioren (NL)
2. 38.225 Jong Axel (NL)