From the Blue Devils' Web site: It has been almost a year since Hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast causing over 1,800 fatalities and over $75 billion in damages. Even though news coverage of the region has waned, there remains a massive rebuilding effort. One person who is dedicating a significant portion of her life to the effort is Donna Batchelor, Vice-President of BD Performing Arts, the corporate structure for The Blue Devils. As a board member for Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization dedicated to charitable home reconstruction, she spends much of her time living in Biloxi, Miss., coordinating relief efforts and pounding in more than a few nails. "Even one year later parts of Biloxi look like Katrina hit just yesterday. The devastation is simply incredible", says Donna. Rebuilding Together is dedicated to the goal of rebuilding 1,000 homes in the Gulf Coast area as part of a project sponsored by Countrywide Financial. Read about Batchelor's rebuilding efforts on

Donna Batchelor in Biloxi.