Winning a record 11th Drum Corps International Division I World Championship, Blue Devils became the only corps to take the title in all four decades that DCI has been in existence. "These guys did an incredible job all year," says David Gibbs, corps executive director. "Whatever was going to happen (with scores) was going to happen, but they were the best they've been tonight. It was a special night. It has been a special week. They endured a lot this year. It has been a great year." The Blue Crew dominated the latter part of the DCI season, breaking the 64-show win streak amassed by The Cavaliers at the Midwestern Championship in Indianapolis two weeks ago and reasserting dominance over the defending champions a week later at the DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa. "The Cavaliers, what a run," Gibbs says. "Awesome. What a great competition, what great professionals. From their management down to their kids, they're just a great organization." In quarterfinals, Blue Devils bested The Cavaliers by . 85, expanding the margin of victory to 1.25 in Semifinals. Winning every caption but percussion, Blue Devils impressively nailed down the Championship with wins in color guard and brass, taking the trophy with a finals score of 98.80, 1.55 over The Cavaliers. The corps' show, "The Phenomenon of Cool," clicked with fans and judges alike. Based on the music of Dave Brubeck, Chick Corea and Leonard Bernstein, the show explored the essence of the experimental jazz style that swept the world of jazz in the 1940s and 1950s, finding its way into coffee houses and the hearts of beatniks, intellectuals, and those not afraid of the new. Various drum features demonstrated a cool aloofness, backed up by remarkable talent from individuals. A variety of horn features introduced some new sounds to the field through unusual brass scoring and the use of mutes. The music was at once old and new, discovered and uncovered, remixed and remastered.