Drum Corps International
Blue Devils win DCI Battle Creek battle

Blue Devils win DCI Battle Creek battle

by Michael Boo

It may be old news, but Blue Devils continue on their undefeated reign, besting Phantom Regiment by slightly over two points tonight in Battle Creek, Mich. Bluecoats are tight on Phantom's heels and Carolina Crown leads the next scoring tier of corps. Much more will come into focus this coming weekend when 22 Division I corps compete at the DCI Southwestern Championship in San Antonio, Texas. Listen to Blue Devils' director Dave Gibbs comment on tonight's win and more changes ahead for the corps.
Scores: Division I
1. 89.025 Blue Devils
2. 86.975 Phantom Regiment
3. 86.450 Bluecoats
4. 82.725 Carolina Crown
5. 81.475 Boston Crusaders
6. 81.400 Madison Scouts
7. 80.925 Glassmen
8. 78.475 Spirit from Jacksonville State University
9. 76.725 Colts
10. 73.45 Capital Regiment
11. 69.575 Southwind
12. 66.100 The Magic Listen to announcer Dan Potter read the top three scores. Division II
1. 75.200 Memphis Sound
2. 57.400 Colt Cadets Division III
1. 59.950 Capital Sound