From a Blue Devils press release: After numerous requests from corporate event planners and entertainment promoters, the Blue Devils, in association with YEA!, will put together dancers, musicians, singers, twirlers, acrobats and all styles of drumming to entertain at corporate sales meetings, trade shows and conventions. The new venture, named BDEntertainment. will provide cutting-edge event theatre that is special, rhythmical and astonishingly physical. Large and small-scale events will benefit from this new and exciting, site-specific entertainment. Each event will be individually crafted to suit the client's vision. Blue Devils' executive director David Gibbs believes this is one of the offerings that will make BDEntertainment stand out in the minds of event planners as they search for fresh and innovative entertainment. Companies such as Johnson and Johnson, LifeScan and Allstate have already involved this type of entertainment into their corporate events with great success. Adding to the excitement is the affiliation with Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!), the umbrella organization that runs the Cadets and Crossmen. Gibbs is passionate about the future of this new entertainment venture. "Now is the time," noted Gibbs, who has served as the executive director of the Blue Devils for the past 14 years. "The phone calls and e-mails are a strong indication that this unique type of entertainment is in demand for corporate gatherings and who better to serve that need than the Blue Devils and YEA!" Corporate event planners have long known the impact live entertainment adds to sales meetings, trade shows and conventions. BDEntertainment will weave together a virtual mosaic of sight, sound and motion guaranteed to compliment any theme, promotion or product launch. In announcing the association, George Hopkins, the Executive Director of YEA! said, "Collaboration between YEA! and the Blue Devils has been of growing interest to both of our organizations. In BDEntertainment, we will be able to bring access to East Coast venues and events. Indeed, our work in the recent past with Macy's, the Late Show with David Letterman, Broadway productions and various high-profile sporting events such as the Olympics has shown all of us what is possible. The opportunities before us are extremely exciting and it is wonderful to be collaborating with the talents of the Blue Devils' organization as they begin this new venture." BDEntertainment will in no way interfere with the busy competitive schedule of the Blue Devils or the YEA! Performing Ensembles. Gibbs plans to partner with artists and performers worldwide as well as involving the uniquely trained alumni of the Blue Devil organization. The Blue Devils have developed a strong presence throughout Europe and Japan while YEA! brings access to countless East coast performers.