From A Blue Knights press release: The Blue Knights held their Memorial Day rehearsals this past weekend at Dakota Ridge High School, west of Denver. According to corps director Mark Arnold, "It was a great weekend! We had an almost full corps in town, and accomplished all of the goals we had set for the rehearsals. Getting a chance to hear the completed version of our
Closer, "Prologue," an original piece written by Blue Knights staff
member Mike Nevin, was especially exciting."

The Blue Knigts rehearse under threatening Denver skies this past weekend.
The highlight of the weekend was the traditional Memorial Day potluck dinner held on Monday. Blue Knights alumnus Leonard Robinson (BK webmaster) and Elizabeth Robinson were the heroes of the day when they drove up with their barbecue pit on wheels, emitting the smell of barbecue smoke across all of the rehearsal fields. After the feast, all of the parents, alumni, and friends of the corps were treated to a performance by the corps. All of those in attendance agreed it was the best Memorial Day performance in years!

Thank you to Eugene and Linda Nuccio and Mary Kay Eichelberger for spearheading another successful Memorial Day potluck and weekend and to the following for assisting: Tom Brown, April Igli, Del and Dinah Owens, and our new Corporate Board member, Tara Titus. Special thanks go the Gerald and Davina Ryszka, who did bingo Saturday afternoon and evening, as well as served and cleaned up at the potluck.