In times like these, thoughts about all Americans serving in the military are never far from our mind. This morning we were forwarded a note from Matt Klemmer, who marched baritone with the Blue Knights from 1999 to 2001. Currently he's stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps in Kuwait, and he filled us in on his "life after drum corps." "After finishing the 2001 season I had to actually do something with my life. To make a short story even shorter, I joined the Marine Corps," Klemmer said. "My job is NBC defense. No, not protection from a network television peacock, but that certainly would be interesting in it's own right. I dabble in protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks. I train other marines what to do in an NBC attack." Klemmer wanted to tell members of all corps to "Have fun this summer. These good times fly by, and the next thing you know, you may be sitting in a desert somewhere. So cherish the good times and cherish the bad ones too, because two years from now, they will all be good times. "Seriously, get to know everyone, during all-days, go out on the town, sleep is overrated. Live it up, because finals is there and gone before you know it. Klemmer also said, "I'd love to hear from all of you," and sent his address: PFC KLEMMER, MATTHEW D
UNIT 75015
FDO AE 09509-5015 "Well, take care, hove fun, and during retreat, in honor of me, please, PLEASE, play "America" half a step up," Klemmer said.