Building on the "cohesion" of last year's Blue Knights staff, the corps personnel will not be changing in 2003, but certain staff members have decided to take on new positions, according to a statement released by the Blue Knights.Executive Director Mark Arnold and the staff have been communicating and planning for the new year. "Our goal is to continue putting together cutting-edge products, while providing the members with a good curriculum in life education," said Arnold. "I think we've put together a winning team here." Chris Previc, last year's visual caption head, has decided to step down from his role as a teacher to work more administrative duties in the organization. Previc has accepted the job of director of the newly formed division of "Staff and Member Services." His role will now be one of logistics and communication, assisting Arnold in the operations of the corps. Among his responsibilities will be heading up the recruitment efforts, coordinating schedules, and keeping communication lines open for all members, staff, administration, boosters, alums, and volunteers. He is very excited about the potential of the Blue Knights and of his new role in the organization. Robbie Billings, the longtime visual designer and the color guard caption head last summer, will be moving over to the visual caption head position. It's a role he's used to, having led the marching program from 1997 to 2001. "He knows best," says Previc. "I learned a lot from him last year and it only makes sense: the writer should oversee the teaching as well." Robbie is excited about focusing on the dance education of the members and is dreaming up some new innovations to show off the corps' talents. Moving into the guard caption head position left by Billings is Kevin Morris, a technician for the Knights for many years and a judge for Winter Guard International. "I need someone I can trust," says Billings, "and Kevin is that someone." "I don't want to change much," says Morris, "I love teaching what Robbie and his team writes." Both Pat Amann and Andy Smart will be returning as percussion and horn caption heads, respectively. "I felt their collaboration lead to some wonderful results last year, and I'm looking forward to watching their partnership grow," stated Arnold. Both Pat and Andy are anxious to begin working on the new 2003 program. "I can't wait," says Smart. "We're going to raise the bar," says Amann.