From a Blue Knights press release: The March camp was held this past weekend at Englewood High School. By all accounts, the camp was a very productive one. Bradley Kerr Green, Brass Caption Head, said, " Once again, the camp this past weekend was a success. The brass line rehearsed at a very high level from the moment rehearsal started on Friday until the very last measure of the "show and tell." As an instructor, it's wonderful to observe this happening while the members are enjoying themselves. "This camp was the first camp for learning drill. Most of the Saturday rehearsal time was spent learning 18 pages of the drill for the opener. On Sunday the corps marched and played 16 of those pages. Musically, the brass line also added the "introduction" and the "drum battle" to their show repertoire this weekend. The goal for the next camp is the first full musical performance of the entire 2004 show. "The drum corps performance on Sunday for family members and friends went wonderfully. The energy level and quality of performance was an extreme improvement from the previous camps. I would like to thank the brass staff (Joni Viertel, Brandon Epperson, Matt Taylor, Andrew Tucker), the 60 members of the 2004 brass line that attended camp, and our drum major, Jenn Burns, for their preparation and hard work. The combined efforts made the March camp the most successful camp of the 2004 season." Pat Amann, percussion caption head, said, "The drum corps camp went very well. We put 18 pages of drill on the field. We have the musical portion of the show completed, so make sure you come out in April to hear the first full music "run-through" of the 2004 season. I'm very pleased with the progress of the entire corps. I think this will be a very special season for BK!"