From a Blue Knights' press release: "What a weekend!" said Blue Knights Director Mark Arnold after that corps' camp this past weekend. "Our attendance was our highest ever for a January camp. Our staff had to make some incredibly difficult decisions when setting our membership. Once again we had to face the harsh reality that there is not enough room in our programs for all of those young people who wish to participate. Some day I truly hope that can change." After a long weekend of rehearsals, the corps treated an enthusiastic crowd to a great "show and tell" on Sunday afternoon. The horn line and percussion sections performed about five minutes of their 2004 show, entitled "A Knight's Tale," and the color guard performed several minutes of work from the show. "Absolutely great!" said longtime Blue Knights supporter and board member Ken Adams. "I've never heard the horn line sound so great this early, however the real surprise was the guard ... they were fantastic!" Bradley Kerr Green, brass caption head, said, "The camp was a huge success. The brass line attendance alone (81 attendees) was extremely impressive. The brass staff was able to get a set list of those who will be members of the 2004 Blue Knights horn line. We are quite pleased with those who are in the horn line. The horn line and the percussion were able to musically ensemble part one and part two of the 2004 production. The color guard also performed part of the work from part one of the show. The entire staff is extremely proud of the hard work the members put into this past weekend's camp. It is a huge step in the right direction."