From Blue Knights and Madison Scouts press releases: Now is your opportunity to experience what your son/daughter is experiencing as part of the Blue Knights summer tour cook and support crew. Or, if you are an alumnus, here's one more opportunity to relive the summer experience of being on tour. We are beginning our sign-up for cook help and van drivers for all of the summer tours. Our first tour is through the Midwest and the championship tour, where you have the opportunity to see four regional championships, culminates with DCI World Championships in Denver! Your can jump on (or off) at convenient locations like San Antonio, Orlando, Philadelphia or Indianapolis to fit your personal schedule. Take a look at the BK 2004 tour agenda on the BK Web site, then e-mail Gene Nuccio to reserve your spot. We will be coordinating the crews and sending out more detailed information about "A Cook's Life" to all tour rookies. We had a number of rookies last year who are already reserving their spots for this year -- so don't miss out on a great experience! Meanwhile, the Madison Scouts are currently looking for a few volunteers to assist in driving bus or tractor this summer. If you have a week or two and would like to have a fun summer of drum corps, then give us a call at 608.837.0707 or contact us via e-mail at It's a safe bet that your favorite corps might be looking for extra help (and especially volunteers) -- give them a call! A summer of adventure awaits you.