"Fear and Trembling" is, without a doubt, one show that has lived up to its title. The music of Shostakovich and Barber in this production will never be referred to as "warm and fuzzy." Rather, the biting melodies and intense horn stabs are more akin to sitting on top an erupting volcano while being pelted by a meteor shower. There is no place to hide, so it's best to sit and let one's more primal instincts take over, grooving on the deluge of calamity that is happening all around oneself. It's easy to feel oneself vibrating like a tuning fork during this production, as it sets the bones in motion with its unabashed, thrusting ferocity.Corps director Mark Arnold states this has been a good season thus far, with the corps working as hard as it ever has. He thought the prelims show was quite good today, with the percussion performance at the end especially hot.