From a Blue Knights e-mail report: The summer has officially begun now that the Memorial Day camp is over and all day rehearsals are in progress. The corps left last night for a few days in Pueblo, Colo., before they come back to Denver for their last few full day rehearsals before leaving on tour June 16. The corps staff is extremely pleased with the progress the corps is making. Pat Amann, percussion caption head, said, "The time in Pueblo will be good for the corps. Having all of the kids together all of the time for the next five days will be nice. They'll learn to live together on the road, and we'll be able to have extended rehearsals. The show is coming together nicely. We have to finish the drill for the last two minutes. The corps is doing full music runs every night. When we get back from Pueblo, we'll have the show ready to go on the road." Bradley Kerr Green, brass caption head, reported that, "Things have been progressing steadily. The drum corps has learned up to the end of the third part of the show and we eagerly await the arrival of the ballad and the closer. We are looking for one tuba player. If anyone knows of someone who would be interested, please contact the corps office." Katy Eichelberger, color guard technician, said, "The kids have been working really hard. The show is coming together nicely and we're very pleased with their progress. It is exciting to watch the growth of the kids as the season continues."