Tysha Aspoor submitted this one. "This is a picture of (from left to right) Pablo, Ashley, Matt, me and Pat during one of our "theme days" before Murfreesboro. We decided to have Power Ranger Day! It was a lot of fun. Randomly, we would call out, "IT'S MORPHING TIME!" during rehearsal or sectionals. We all dressed up in the Ranger colors, as you can see. "Theme days" were always great to have because they help you get through those tough rehearsal days. It's a bit of comic relief I guess you could say. All five of us are part of the Bluecoats color guard and are best friends! Three of us (Pablo, Matt, Tysha) are from Texas, Ashley is from Ohio, and Pat is from Pennsylvania. Though we are far apart, our Ranger powers stay strong. Thanks!"

Thanks Tysha.
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