From a Blue Stars press release: The Blue Stars drum and dugle corps is pleased to announce a new agreement with Stanbury Uniforms. "We hope this next step in the relationship between the two organizations will advance the stature, success and reputation of both," said Blue Stars executive director, Greg Struve. The corps' visual coordinator, Gary Swanson, said "To date, all of our expectations have been exceeded. I'm delighted with the quality, construction, and look of their uniforms." "Having the opportunity to provide uniforms for the Blue Stars is a real thrill for all of our employee owners," said Stanbury CEO Gary Roberts. "The dedication and history of the corps mirrors that of Stanbury Uniforms. The excitement generated in seeing our product showcased by this prestigious corps is truly what makes our role in this industry worthwhile." Struve added, "I've been most impressed with the family atmosphere Stanbury strives to create within the company, despite being one of the larger players in the industry. They're really a pleasure to work with." This new sponsorship accord will provide significant benefits to the company and the Corps. Stanbury is characterized by a tradition of excellence and quality which match most appropriately with the Blue Stars achievements in showmanship, musicianship and overall performance.