From a Blue Stars press release: The Blue Stars will be marching in StylePlus's Triton marching shoe this summer. "I am thrilled and delighted to begin this relationship with StylePlus," said Blue Stars executive director Greg Struve. "When we were looking into shoe companies, I wore the Triton around the office for a couple of days. I'm really impressed! Not only will they be an excellent compliment to our uniforms, but there's some sort of gel in there that actually conforms to your feet after a few hours. They're more comfortable than my street shoes. We're quite pleased to be wearing a product of this caliber." "StylePlus is proud of the prestigious addition of the Blue Stars to the growing list of bands and corps switching to the Triton," said StylePlus sales manager Frank Mangee. "We knew we had a winner with the Triton; it is our most popular shoe." This particular marching band shoe has enjoyed increasing popularity since its introduction in 2002 and is also worn by the Pioneer and the Phantom Regiment. This new sponsorship agreement will provide significant benefits to both parties. StylePlus' tradition of excellence and craftsmanship match most appropriately with the Blue Stars' storied history of maintaining the highest standards of performance and competitive effort. "Both the corps and the company are going places," said Mangee. Further information regarding StylePlus may be found at the StylePlus Web site.