From a Bluecoats press release: "Drum corps is not about the destination, it's about the journey ..." In the spirit of this oft-used adage, the Bluecoats are proud to announce their 2005 Program, "Caravan." Using the essence of Duke Ellington's big band standard -- also a favorite from the corps' 1990 show -- "Caravan" will take both the Bluecoats and its audience on an incredible voyage. A "caravan" can be defined as a convoy or group procession traveling together to a common destination. The big band standard's familiar melody, inspired by the sounds and emotions of the Mediterranean, elicits colorful images, from desert sands to spiritual ceremonies. This infectious melody also serves as the thread that weaves together two tunes written for the awe-inspiring Cirque du Soleil, Benoit Justras' "Incantation" and Violaine Corradi's "Ombra", with Stephen Melillo's "Hajj." Both the title and personality of "Hajj" characterize a journey, a pilgrimage or a "caravan." Coming off a very successful season in 2004, the journey that is the Bluecoats' 2005 season began in November with very highly attended audition camps in Cedar Park, Texas and Canton, Ohio. At both camps, the Bluecoats brass line played small segments of the 2005 program "Caravan" on their new Yamaha instruments. Though only a taste of what's to come, these short chunks of music gave both the members and the people in attendance for the corps' "show and tell" performances a reason to be excited about the season ahead! Stay tuned to the corps' Web site for exclusive video footage of the November Audition Camps. It's not too late to audition for the 2005 Bluecoats! Additional open audition camps will be held in Cedar Park, Texas (brass and color guard) from December 11 -12, and in Canton, Ohio (all sections) from December 17-19. For details on how to audition for the Bluecoats and more exciting information about the 2005 season, please visit