From a Bluecoats press release: connexus – A binding together; a connected whole. The Bluecoats' 2006 program is entitled connexus. The word connexus is built from the word 'nexus' meaning 'a center or place of connection' and the prefix 'con-' meaning 'together' or jointly'. Drawing from the music of Pat Metheney, Benoit Jutras, Ennio Morricone, Don Ellis, and Galt MacDermot, connexus will allow the Bluecoats performers to bond with their audience through musical communication and visual imagery. This is the age of instant global communication, and new technology allows us instant access to any person on Earth. For the first time in our world's collective history, the ability to connect to people of all origins and beliefs is possible. Never before have connections been so important. In November, students connected with the Bluecoats organization at two very successful audition camps in Denton, Texas, and Canton, Ohio. Stay tuned to the corps' Web site for exclusive video footage of the November audition camps. It's not too late to audition for the 2006 Bluecoats! Additional open audition camps will be held in Denton, Texas (brass and color guard), on Dec. 10 -11, and in Canton, Ohio (brass and percussion), on Dec. 16-18. For details on how to audition for the Bluecoats and more exciting information about the 2006 season, please visit