From a Yamaha/Bluecoats press release: Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, has recently formed an official relationship with The Bluecoats Canton, Ohio. The ensemble purchased a complete line of brass instruments and a full set of marching and pit percussion instruments, and in doing so joins the Cavaliers, the Cadets and Crossmen as the next top-12 group in Drum Corp International (DCI) to march Yamaha Brass and Percussion exclusively. "One of our goals is to provide our students with the tools necessary for them to succeed at the absolute highest level," states David Glasgow, executive director of the Bluecoats. "Because of their superior sound quality and craftsmanship, we believe the Yamaha Brass and Percussion instruments help us achieve this goal. Glasgow noted that it was important to find one manufacturer that could satisfy the Bluecoats' standards for both brass and percussion. "Yamaha's ability to meet all our instrument needs with just one phone call, one order, and one shipment makes all the difference," stated Glasgow. Founded in 1972 as an outgrowth of the Canton Police Boys Club, the Bluecoats have consistently placed in the DCI's elite "top 12" since 1987. Each season the Bluecoats travel more than 10,000 miles and compete in about 30 performances as participants in DCI's annual tour. Most recently, the group placed sixth in the DCI 2004 championship -- the highest finish in the corps' more than 30-year history. "We are impressed with the entire organization, from the board of directors down to the marching members," states Roger Eaton, director of marketing for the Yamaha Band & Orchestral Division. "The Bluecoats represent a strong commitment to the highest quality and the best possible experience for the kids, and their high-caliber staff will make great contributions to product design and development." In addition, the group will use Yamaha Professional Audio equipment during the 2005 season. In 2004, eight top drum corps chose Yamaha Professional Audio equipment for the purpose of sound reinforcement. For more details, visit