On Tuesday, the Drum Corps International Board of Directors continued its focus on enhancing safety and well-being of all participants by establishing new protocols for all participating organizations while fulfilling its mission of bringing life-enriching benefits and enjoyment of marching music performing arts to more people worldwide. 

In creating a stage for participating organizations to engage in education, competition, and entertainment while promoting individual growth, DCI is committed to nurturing a community culture that embraces all individuals with compassion, civility and respect. To further the mission, the board adopted revised policies including minimum standards of conduct and ethics for all organizations taking part in DCI activities.

Consistent with the DCI Strategic Plan, the adopted regulations will require all participating organizations and affiliated individuals, including performers, instructors and other staff, supporting volunteers, and all other persons participating in DCI’s programs and activities to follow and abide by the conduct-related policies. These individuals will also be expected to adhere to mutually-shared standards of conduct, professionalism, civility and respect towards one another. 

Some of the policies and expectations include:

  • Respect for the DCI mission.
  • Respect for others.
  • Professionalism and ethics.
  • Prohibition against discrimination.
  • Prohibition against sexual misconduct.
  • Prohibition against retaliation.

The board recognizes that improving efforts to prevent misconduct will be a continual process and will seek input from the DCI community to incorporate improvements along with lessons learned for annual reviews of the policies and expectations.

In other business, the board engaged in a consultant-led working session on best practices in non-profit governance. Topics included efficient committee structures, effective roles and responsibilities, and opportunities for operational improvement.

The DCI Board of Directors looks forward to sharing more details on its actions to ensure participant health, safety, and well-being in the days to come.