Kendall Shew, a Seattle Cascades alum, submitted this one. "Here is a picture of me and friend Matt Johnson from Boise right after the Seattle Cascades made the top 12 in 2002 at the Madison DCI Finals. We were dubbed the infamous "Boise brothers" by the drum staff when we marched together in '01 on basses 3 and 4. I thank Matt for dragging me up to Seattle to give this drum corps "thing" a try and I would never thought that doing drum corps would change my life so much. I am a more motivated individual that has been taught what true hard work is all about.

"I aged out in '01 and it was so amazing seeing the Cascades make it so far. I was almost a little jealous of the '02 season and I would give him crap about it all the time like, "It's not my fault my mom couldn't stay in labor for an entire year!" He's now moved out East and I'm still in the West, but we still talk to this day. Here's to lifelong friends and here's to you, brother! Cheers!" Thanks Kendall!
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