Leighann Fields sent us this one. "This is a picture of my friend Andrea Reedy (left) and I. Andrea and I have known each other since we were born, because our parents are both close friends and Crossmen alumni. Until the 2004 indoor season when Andrea decided to come march Bpex Winterguard, we never really talked. In the past two years Andrea and I have been come extremely close friends. This year I am happy to say that Andrea will be marching in the Crossmen color guard with me. I am always happy to have her around because being an alumni kid, we both share the same love and dedication to the corps.

"This picture was taken at the March Crossmen camp in front of the tuba line flag. Although the color guard didn't come back until April, both Andrea and I tried to stop by every Sunday of a camp to watch full corps ensemble." Thanks Leighann!
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