From a Boston Crusaders' press release: The first of June was the start of the month-long "move-in" camp for the Boston Crusaders. Members and staff from all around the country (and world) have assembled at the lovely campus of New England College in scenic Henniker, N.H., to focus on training for the upcoming 2003 DCI competition season.

The Crusaders' horn line rehearses in Henniker on May 25.
By all accounts things are going very well. According to Crusaders' program director Howard Weinstein, "Move-in this year is going really well. We are ahead of schedule in our preparation. All of our music is in-place, and we've tackled most of our drill. Now we practice and clean the show." The corps' members and staff are very upbeat about the level of preparation and their training program to date. A typical day at move-in camp means getting up early for morning stretch, breakfast, practicing for the morning with music sectionals or drill, lunch, then more sectional, drill and ensemble practice before dinner. After dinner, you guessed it, more rehearsal, practice, and practice! After all, practice makes perfect! One special bonus of this year's move-in camp is the reception the corps has received from the people of the town of Henniker. Local folks often stop by to check out the rehearsals and Henniker businesses are very accommodating for the members and staff. "The Town of Henniker is again this year making us feel very welcome," says Weinstein. To thank their many supporters, the Boston Crusaders will hold a preview performance of the 2003 show, entitled "Bravo!", and host a "Family and Friends" dinner starting at 7 p.m. on June 21 at New England College. This will be the corps first field show before starting out on their 2003 DCI tour.