The Boston Crusaders are finding that a well-oiled machine off the field translates into better scores on the field. "We did a lot of things operationally that make things run a lot more smoothly, and that translates onto the field," said Dan Greer, the Crusaders' operations director. Specifically, Greer said that the corps made improvements to its kitchen and equipment trucks, and added some new staff members that have charged the corps up. On July 13 at the Summer Music Games in Cincinnati, the Crusaders came in second place with an 83.05, just ahead of the Crossmen, who scored 83.00, and behind the Cadets (88.25). At the Adirondack Drums show in Glens Falls/Ft. Edward, N.Y., on July 10, the corps scored 83.55, which placed them second behind the Cadets (88.70).Bryce Bunner, the Crusaders' assistant tour director, said "Everyone is saying that the corps is off to its best start in a while," Bunner also noted that the strong morale of the corps has definitely been a high point of the summer thus far."The summer is going great! There is no question about that," Greer said, noting that the new additions of Dan O'Neill (bass drum technician) and Katie Holmer (guard coordinator) have motivated the corps."He brings a lot of energy and humor to the drum line," Greer said of O'Neill. Of Holmer, Greer said, "Her goal is for every kid in the guard to have a great summer. That's her primary goal, and it seems to me like she is attaining that goal," Greer said.Likewise, the Crusaders' show, like many corps shows this summer, is more accessible to audiences. "Our show is much more user-friendly. It's more accessible. The crowd is getting into it, which makes the kids get into it. It's a self-perpetuating kind of thing," Greer said.The show, entitled, "You Are My Star," was designed specifically to be a crowd-pleaser by Crusaders' corps director Howard Weinstein, according to Greer. It's a winner within the corps as well. "The kids love it," Greer said.Greer added that the corps is still working on improvements to the show. "They are doing very well, but there are still a lot of things we need to add. We hope to have most of those things in by San Antonio," Greer said, specifying that a new ending and new effects will be in place by this weekend. "They will take it to the next level," Greer said.