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Boston Crusaders member powers up on proteins and carbohydrates

Boston Crusaders member powers up on proteins and carbohydrates

by Drum Corps International

Following his performance in Atlanta, Ga. on July 14, 20-year-old Boston Crusaders trumpet player, Adam Westervelt, talked with DCI.org's Christina Mavroudis about how his drum corps experience has influenced him to become a health and fitness major and take part in a healthy lifestyle.

Adam Westervelt
CM: Do you think the drum corps activity is a good way to get people fit? AW: Absolutely. You get at least three hours of cardio a day along with all of the exercise we get going around the field with the fast drill and marching that we do. CM: How did marching in a drum corps influence your major in school? AW: When I first started marching in a drum corps at the Magic of Orlando in 2003, I weighed 190 pounds, and I lost 30 pounds by the end of the summer. I got pretty fit that year, and I wanted to make sure I would stay that way. CM: Has your lifestyle outside of drum corps been affected by your major? AW: Most definitely. After that tour in 2003, I decided to go to the gym and really try to live a healthier lifestyle. I immediately got hooked on it and began eating right and going to the gym five days a week. CM: Do you try to influence other corps members to stay healthy on tour? AW: It's kind of hard since we don't have too many meal choices on tour, but sometimes people ask me questions about what to eat and what not to eat, and I answer them as best as I can. CM: If you could change one part of a corps' food truck, what would you change? AW: I definitely would want all the carbohydrates to be whole grain and whole wheat. They give you more energy than white breads and white potatoes. CM: What about getting carbohydrates before a show? AW: Lots of carbohydrates and lots of proteins before a performance is great. They mix very well together and you can get a lot of energy from them, so that's definitely a good idea. CM: What do you plan on doing for you career? AW: I'm going to community college right now, and I'm planning on transferring to Florida State soon to work on a bachelor's degree in exercise science. My ultimate goal is to become a professional sports trainer for a professional sports team. And if I got an offer, I would definitely come back and help out with the drum corps.