From a Boston Crusaders press release: The Boston Crusaders are going to step off in style for the 2005 season -- on and off the field! The organization has been busy this past off-season. The corps is sporting a new sound as well as a new look for the 2005 season.

In the past year, the Crusaders purchased new horns from the King Corporation. In addition, the Corps' percussion equipment was obtained through a new alliance with the Pearl Corporation. These acquisitions have a hugely positive effect on the quality of the Crusader sound.

And in order to accommodate this wonderful new field equipment, the corps has also upgraded its fleet of support vehicles. The Crusaders have replaced their circa-1970s equipment trailer with a more modern trailer that will serve them well into the future. The new equipment trailer has been custom-fitted by industrious Crusader volunteers to house the updated field equipment, and sports a new look too. The trailer is white with the Crusader logo proudly displayed on all sides, matching the kitchen trailer that was put on the road new last year.

And last but not least is the new Crusaders' souvenir trailer. Also a great upgrade for the corps for 2005, the new souvie trailer is larger than the previous version. And the corps has also decked it out to match their entire fleet -- white with red and black trim.

Watch for the Boston Crusaders to be pulling in to a town near you -- in style!