In Brasso continuo we'll explore the traditions, rituals and folklore surrounding the drum corps activity. If you know of a ritual, bit of folklore or tradition associated with a corps, e-mail the details to If you have a picture of that particular ritual or tradition, e-mail that as well. Thanks!Today Lane Armey, the Bluecoats' percussion instructor, fills us in on the history of "Bloooo!":

A Bluecoats drum major acknowledges the "Bloooo."
"The Bluecoats are the beneficiaries of one of the greatest traditions in all of drum corps: "Bloooooooooooooo!" ^"Crowds have been welcoming the Bluecoats to the field with our signature call since 1987, when the corps leapt into the DCI World Finals for the first time upon playing "Autumn Leaves." For the past 15 years, there has been no doubt when the Bluecoats are taking the field. "That singular relationship with the crowd provides an ENORMOUS hype for the members of the Bluecoats. It's that call that not only kept me in the Bluecoats uniform for six years, but has also kept me on the sidelines for the last few years as a member of the staff. It is not something that can be duplicated anywhere else -- in drum corps or in life." Thanks Lane!