In Brasso continuo we'll explore the traditions, rituals and folklore surrounding the drum corps activity. If you know of a ritual, bit of folklore or tradition associated with a corps, e-mail the details to If you have a picture of that particular ritual or tradition, e-mail that as well. Thanks! Dave Owens fills us in on a couple Boston Crusaders' traditions: "Before every performance, the corps huddles tight and sings the corps song, "Giant," which dates back to the '50s, pre-dating "Conquest" (the piece that ended the on-field show for many years during the '70s, '80s and '90s) by quite a bit. Guaranteed goosebumps for all nearby alumni, many of whom skip part of the show to be backfield to hear the singing of "Giant." Since the late '80s, it's also been the corps' on-field horn line warmup. "More old-time fans associate "Conquest" with the corps than "Giant," just because "Conquest" is better-known, having been part of the show for so many years. The corps still weaves a bit of "Conquest" into the show each year, usually near the end -- though only a fan would notice it. "Conquest" used to invoke an immediate screaming standing ovation that would last until the show was done. The snippets woven into the show still get a bit of recognition from old-time fans who are paying attention. "The words to "Giant" are: "This corps is made of giants
We will never die
For we are Crusaders
True blue Crusaders
We are Crusaders
Corps we love
Corps we love "Over the years the solemn song has sometimes been followed by a shout from the drum major echoed by the corps and repeated three times -- a slogan or rallying cry related to the mood of the corps or the challenges it is facing that night, month, year or decade.    "So maybe both are worth mentioning as part of ongoing tradition. If you ask the average fan what the corps song is, they will probably say "Conquest," though a member or alumni will say "Giant." Thanks Dave!