Submitted by the Madison Scouts: The Madison Scouts hosted two audition camps in November. The first was held at the University of Texas-Arlington. Approximately 50 potential members of the brass and percussion sections attended. Talent levels were high, as anticipated, and many prospective members were invited to the December camp in Madison, Wis. A second audition was held in Waunakee, Wis. (a suburb of Madison) which was attended by more than 100 prospective corps members. "The staff was incredibly impressed with the skill levels demonstrated in all sections," said Jeff Spanos, Madison Scouts' executive director. The percentage of returning veterans in the horn line is high. Numbers were lower in the guard and percussion sections, but projected with substantial staff and administrative turnover since the 2006 season. The Madison Scouts are expecting 40 to 60 new prospective auditioning members at the next camp, Dec. 15-17 in Madison.