Submitted by Raiders: December has turned out to be a huge success for the Raiders. With more than 125 potential new members attending the corps' Dec. 2 and Dec. 9 audition camps, the organization is looking forward to the 2007 season. "We have set our goals high this year" said Raiders Corps Director Tom Maiello. "We have put together a three-year plan that will take the corps in a new direction. This is the first year, and so far, we are ahead of expectations. "We also are extremely happy with the turnout of potential members from other areas. Normally, we typically pick up members from more localized surrounding high schools, but for the first two camps we have seen people come from reaches of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. We took an aggressive direction in recruiting over the off season, and it looks like it has been successful," Maiello said. Both camps brought record audition numbers in all areas of the corps. "We have been really impressed with the level of talent that has come to our camps," added Tom Maiello. "In talking with our caption heads, there was a high level of understanding from prospects about what the corps expects from everyone, on and off the field. We are happy to see that these students and their parents gave the Raiders a chance and are happy that they attended these auditions." Both camps went well for the students and gave new members a great idea of what to expect as a member of the Raiders. The brass section received new music from the 2007 production, the percussion section started working on solidifying the technique and exercises book, and the guard went through stretches, movement and equipment work. Submitted by Impulse: Impulse had more than 200 registrants over its Web site prior to the corps' open house and workshops. The open house and free clinic was so well attended it had to move into a theater auditorium. The brass line had an opportunity to play through the first draft of the field warm up, first and last production, putting Impulse months ahead in production schedule compared to any year in the corps' history. The percussion and brass instructors said the talent level is very far ahead of previous year. By the conclusion of the open house and first workshop, the instructional staff had met with more than 150 individuals. Two of Impulse's brass instructors work with the Tournament of Roses Band and are expecting more prospective members after the parade performance at future winter camps.