Katrina Panovich of the Colts sent in this one. "This is a finals week picture of me and one of my very best friends, Chris Tanner (also known as Squeak, Fatty and CT, among other names). We've marched together in the Colts for three years. "Every year at the first camp (and subsequent ones), our corps director, Greg Orwoll, points out that the room doesn't only contain fellow auditionees, but also people that might very well become our best friends or even a husband or wife. While some people may find that somewhat hard to believe, I know just how true that can be. "CT and I didn't cross paths at all until July 4, 2003, while doing parades. Since that time, though, we've been such close friends. It's amazing how drum corps can bring people together!" Thanks Katrina! E-mail your best shots from the summer to dave@dci.org along with where and when the photo was taken. Send some biographical information about yourself as well. We'll give you full credit. Also, let us know if you want your e-mail address included.