From two Colts press releases: Carla Burgess-Tomsa will return for her third season as the Colts' color guard caption head. She is from Berea, Ohio. The Colts fielded one of its largest and most talented color guards last summer. "The entire Colts organization is an outstanding program, and we are definitely working hard to ensure that the color guard achieves the highest level of success possible on and off the field," said Burgess-Tomsa. She has been a driving force in the color guard and drum corps activities for years, instructing such groups as the Pride of Cincinnati, The Glassmen, and the Spirit of Atlanta. "With a very talented and caring staff, and a wonderful core group of veteran performers, we look forward to beginning the strongest summer yet for the Colts Color guard in 2005," Burgess-Tomsa said. Burgess-Tomsa is also the co-director of Juxtaposition Winter guard (WGI Independent Open Finalists) and Westerville Winter guard (WGI Independent A Silver Medalists), both of Westerville, Ohio.

Returning for his third year is Scott Markham from Canton, Ohio. Markham's color guard experience includes performing in Collage, R2 Performance Group, Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps and winter guard, and Crown Guard, all from Ohio. "It has been an honor watching the Colts guard take huge strides in the past two years. The Colts is an elite organization of world-class proportions off the field and we are rapidly building the color guard program to reflect this on the field," said Markham. Scott has taught numerous high school and independent groups in the state of Ohio, and he is currently a member of Corona Winter guard from Los Angeles, California.

Returning from last year's staff is Ben Contreras from San Diego, California. Contreras was a member of both the Santa Clara Vanguard and Fantasia Winter guard, both of California, and was a member of the Visual Ensemble for the stage show "Blast!" Contreras is currently instructing numerous high school and independent groups in California and Arizona. "I'm very excited to be returning for my second year with the Colts, and look forward to seeing the continuous growth in the guard program," says Contreras. He is currently a performing member of Corona Winter guard from Los Angeles.

New to the staff is Mandy Idso. Idso is a six-year veteran of the Colts color guard and is a student of the University of Northern Iowa, where she is majoring in elementary education with a minor in special education. "I am super excited to continue my Colts experience in another facet of the drum corps," Idso said. Also new to the staff is Christin Palumbo of North Royalton, Ohio. Palumbo has been a performing member of Collage Winter guard, Crown Guard, and Carroll Independent, all of Ohio and has taught numerous high schools in Ohio and with the Fred J. Miller, Inc. color guard clinics. Palumbo said, "I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with the Colts guard members as well as the very respectable staff." He is currently in her second season performing with the Pride of Cincinnati Winter guard from Ohio. Finally, new to the staff is Jude Boughton. Boughton says he "is happy to be joining the Colts" after serving as color guard caption head and movement co-choreographer of the Phantom Regiment for the last two seasons. He also serves as dance master for the Black Watch color guard from Mt. Laurel, N.J. Other credits include teaching extensively around the country with marching bands, drum corps, and dance teams. He has judged for WGI, DCA, and TOB. Boughton is finishing a degree in theatre with a minor in Dance from Kutztown University, and resides in Pittston, Pa. Colts visual staff A new designer and a new visual caption head will bring a different and even more polished look and product to the Colts. Drum corps veteran Rick Morey has accepted the role of drill designer, in addition to his return as program coordinator. He is from New Hartford, N.Y., and has a great deal of successful drum corps experience.

Morey was a visual judge for DCI for 19 years, including the championship week panel 16 times. He has also adjudicated for WGI, BOA, and numerous marching band festivals around the country. A past president of the New York Federation of Contest Judges, Morey has also been a marching band and drum corps clinician in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Rick is a retired high school counselor and now works in the pageantry activity on a full-time basis as a designer and consultant. He continues as director, visual designer, and program coordinator for the five-time DCA Champion Syracuse Brigadiers. He has also served as the program coordinator for the Magic of Orlando in 2002 and 2003, and continues as the program coordinator for the Colts. He currently designs visual programs for championship marching bands in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico and Las Vegas. Mike Grimes has been named the Colts' visual program caption head. Grimes is new to the Colts and lives in Louisville, Ky., where he teaches special education at the Binet School for multiply disabled children. He currently attends Indiana University-Southeast, where he is completing his master's degree, and has been a visual instructor and consultant for high school bands and drum corps for 15 years. He has been a drill designer for several Kentucky state finalist bands including Ballard H.S., Henry Clay H.S., and Shelby Co. H.S. He also is a prominent judge in Kentucky and the Tri-State area, and continues to consult with many bands within the region. Grimes presents a varied marching and teaching background which should be a good blend for the Colts. "My drum corps experience started with the Bluegrass Brass Sr. Corps in 1995, where I was drum major for two years before taking over as director. In 1998, I became the visual caption head for the Golden Lancers, who soon became the Cincinnati Glory. I started writing the visual program for Glory in 1999, and in 2000 Glory won the high visual effect and high color guard captions at the Midwest and World Championships. In 2001, Glory became the Marion Glory Cadets, where I remained as the visual caption head and designer. In 2002, I started my Division I career with the Bluecoats as a visual and brass teacher, and I spent the 2003 and 2004 seasons on their brass staff. I truly learned a lot from the Bluecoats' staff and members, and will always be grateful for the education that I received from them. I am very excited and honored to be the visual caption head for the Colts. I am very confident that together, we will accomplish many great things this year," Grimes said. Other exciting changes taking place with the Colts for the upcoming season are sure to spell success. The Colts begin their 2005 season December 17-19 with an audition camp in Dubuque. Positions are open in all sections of the corps and all the exciting information about the weekend and the Colts in general is available on the Colts web site.