Megan, a recent age-out from the Seattle Cascades (where she has marched since 1998), sent in this one. "During a rain delay I snapped this picture of some of my best friends on tour. Pictured is the guard bus "senate." We all had to admit, by the end of the summer, that our favorite times of the season were when were all crammed in the back of the bus singing horrible '80s pop, playing "the vegetable game," planning strikes, having "raves," passing around the candy bag, and, oh yea, complaining about tour food while we stuffed ourselves with unimaginable amounts of junk food!

"You really get to know (and hopefully love) the people you see, smell, and sleep with in a cozy, confined, and (at times) very hot bus for two months! From left to right, top row: Robbie, Brooke W., Eric, Brooke M., Robin. From left to right, middle row: J Mac, Amanda, Michelle, Jon, Megan D. Front: Erika." Thanks Megan!
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