Hello again everyone!The Cadets spent last week in the Midwest and South. July 19 we were in Houston. We found ourselves face to face with even more sun and heat than the day before in Dallas. The show was at Rice University. We spent the following day in San Antonio. We added the posters to the boxes in the ballad today, and spent a lot of time on the end of the opener. Taft High School, the school we were staying at, provided us with dinner and dessert before the show. It was incredible. Thank you Taft High School Band Boosters!July 21 and 22 we were in Baton Rouge, La. The guard spent the majority of those days on "Boogie," and the horn line and drum line made a few changes to the opener. A large part of ensemble (rehearsal) was spent on part one of the opener. The following day when rehearsal ended, we all changed clothes and went swimming in the school's pool. It was great!We had a clinic at the show site the next day, but it was put on hold when a storm came through that was literally blowing yard line markers across the field. The past few days we've been in Long Beach, Miss., changing a few more parts to the show, both visually and musically. There are a few more changes coming our way in the next few days, and we're all very anxious to see what's coming in our show.By Wendy Stone Cadets Color Guard On Thursdays this summer, Wendy Stone, a color guard member of the Cadets, will be submitting "Notes from the Road." Stone, 21, is from Marietta, Ga., and will be aging out at the end of the summer. She is studying management at Georgia Tech, and is minoring in finance and information technology. This is her third year as a member of the Cadets -- she took last summer off after marching in 1999 and 2000. "I'm completely excited to be marching this year. Last year it really hit me how much I missed marching. But it's sad knowing my days are numbered," Stone said of aging out.