From the Cadets' Web site: In keeping with what has become somewhat of a tradition, the Cadets' design team has been discussing a return to the great music of "West Side Story" for the summer of 2004. In 1984, the Cadets set the drum corps world "on its ear" with the arrangements of Jim Prime and Thom Hannum, and the drill genius of George Zinglai. The corps came "out of the gate" with an 80.0 and never really looked back as the corps captured what then was championship number two. In 1994, with Jay Bocook and Tom Aungst writing the music, along with Marc Sylvester at the drill board, the Cadets came back with a different and unique treatment of the same material. Who can forget the wild visual elements of "Cool," the dissolving musical strains of a powerful musical opening, the heartfelt dance and musical treatment of "Maria," or the tremendous musical moments in "One Hand, One Heart"? Well, in 2004, with Don Hill as the arranger, Tom Aungst still at the helm with the percussion line, and Jeff Sacktig as the last of the visual triumvirate, the Cadets may indeed come back for another filling of this marching music classic. Source material is plentiful. Some of what the Cadets' team is looking at includes: I FEEL PRETTY -- Little Richard's rendition of "I Feel Pretty" is a stroke of comic genius. Taken too seriously (as it is in most productions) this song loses its comic spark. But when Little Richard sings it, you get the joke. You *have* to get the joke. OFFICER KRUPKE -- A hip-hop cover of "Gee Officer Krupke," with Salt-N-Pepa, Def Jef et al, is alarmingly updated. It hits dead center. The integrity of the message is maintained, as well as the humor, but in this musical setting the song takes on a greater poignancy. It proves the timelessness of WSS and its themes, and brings a classic into this very moment. THE RUMBLE – Chick Corea! Hot, electric and without question, a different version that one might expect. Can it transfer to the drum corps field? Perhaps! THE JET SONG – Brian Setzer and His Orchestra do a great job with this classic. AMERICA/COOL -- Patti LaBelle, Natalie Cole and Sheila E pounding out "America" versus the jazzy harmonies of Patti Austin, Mervyn Warren and Bruce Hornsby singing "Cool." These are just some of the ideas, a good 16 months in advance. Times will change and ideas will come and go, but hey, watch for foreshadowing in this year's production of "My Favorite Things."