Although tomorrow will be the last night of the season, and most corps will spend their time polishing off existing performances, tonight's first- and second-place winners both might add something new to tomorrow evening's shows. The Cadets (98.125) have been adding twists to their nightmare-based show all year, and might to do so again tomorrow, according to director George Hopkins. Tonight, for instance, the Cadets' catholic schoolgirl came out for her final appearance with big, 1980s-style hair. Meanwhile, Bruno Zuccala, the Cavaliers' (97.375) color guard coordinator and assistant director, alluded to a more mysterious change in his corps' show tomorrow night as well. "We have something more to add tomorrow," Zuccala said. For the Cadets, their performance was a little more relaxed tonight, according to Hopkins. "Actually I thought they were better tonight than they were last night, from a performance standpoint. We were kind of on edge, beginning of last night, first minute or two, but they were more calm, more within themselves tonight," Hopkins said.
The new ending of the Cavaliers' show tonight, which pitted a fictional Cubs-Red Sox World Series, was a popular one, according to Zuccala. "(The new ending) was great! It was very exciting to try it out, especially being in the Boston area, against the Red Sox. So it was great!" Overall, Zuccala believes the audience tonight appreciated the Cavaliers' show. "I think the crowd really enjoyed the show, and the guys, I think, had the performance of a lifetime. It was great! And guess what? One more opportunity still," Zuccala said. Regarding the Cadets' sometimes-controversial show, Hopkins is still a believer. "I will always believe that the market will win out, when you do something well, the people will respond to it, and if you don't do it well, it's not going to fly," Hopkins said. Tonight and tomorrow, Hopkins will instruct Cadets members to search within to put on a better performance. "I think my push for the kids is that they do it for themselves at this point, and they've been so great, they're very, very consistent, I don't think they have a worry in the world. I hope they have a great time, and hopefully people will love them," Hopkins said. Tonight, Hopkins' instructions to the corps are simple: "Go to bed -- take a nap."