The Cadets' Jethro Tull show, a highly ironic venture that features a baton twirler, put them on top tonight. The corps responded to victory with a whimsical-yet-reverential look at its own past and present in a well-received encore performance that included "Cadillac of the Skies" and a humorous horn fugue that included whiffs of Copland's "Appalachian Spring" (a nod to their 1987 World Championship show). During this encore the horn line appeared to take over. This left the normally unflappable drum majors Matt Haines and Will Plenk casting "What do we do now?" glances at each other in the stands, which the remaining audience found hilarious. Before the encore, Cadets director George Hopkins said, "This was probably the most controlled we have been this year. We did the show, the show didn't do us. We'll be making changes to the production within the next couple days to keep making things better," Hopkins said.